Ace the Interview: The Dos and Dont's to Consider

I was thinking the other day just how many interviews have I conducted? I've been doing this for 11 years and I probably on average interview four people a day, so based on 250 working days/year that's roughly 11,000 interviews! Other than feeling rather old all of a sudden, I feel somewhat equipped to comment on what makes a good interview since I've seen many good (and many not so good) over the years. Here are a few suggestions…

Establish rapport...

The Economics of Talent - Examining the Talent Crunch in Finance and Accounting

Viewpoint by Jeff Forbes, Vice President


In the late 1990s, IT professionals were in short supply. Organizations, driven by uncertainty over the impending Y2K rollover, went on a hiring spree, beefing up their IT teams to stave off the threat of costly errors or interruptions in their operations. The demand for IT expertise was so great that, having drained the pool of available talent, companies resorted to poaching staff from one another to protect themselves.

Courting Candidates

Viewpoint by Kevin Stoddart, Vice President


Last spring at our national executive search conference in Calgary, I heard senior HR professionals saying, ‘In this town, if you hesitate in hiring talent, you’re dead.’ As an employer, you may think, ‘That’s red-hot Calgary’s problem. Things are different in Atlantic Canada.’ But this is a warning you should heed.