Managing Change

Change is inevitable. To ensure immediate and long-term success, minimizing distraction and disruption is critical. Prepare managers to lead change now and in the future. Help individuals and teams embrace change, remain engaged, and drive productivity.

  • ChangeMap™ for Managers: Equip leaders with the tools, skills and insights to drive employee performance and achieve business objectives while navigating change and uncertainty. Develop leaders with agile and aligned change management skills. 
  • ChangeMap™ for Employees: Provide employees with the, tools, skills and insights and actions to perform in changing environments. Increase engagement and productivity.

Building Resilience

Changing, unclear, or ambiguous conditions can stagnate productivity. Ensure your workforce can adapt and meet business objectives when faced with extended periods of uncertainty.

Our interactive two-hour modules or half-day seminars can serve up to 20 individuals, and can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Resilience for Leaders: Equip leaders with the knowledge and techniques to build their teams’ ability to adapt, respond, and recover from ongoing change and uncertainty. Ensure leaders can leverage four key resilience indicators — adopting a positive mindset, finding solutions, tapping resources for support, and taking action — to maintain productivity and engagement. 
  • Developing Personal Resilience: Help employees take effective action and maintain positive performance during organizational change and the period of uncertainty before change occurs. Provide individuals with the mindset, skills, and behaviors to bounce back and thrive while working in the unknown.

Online Change and Resilience

Change at work is business as usual. Keep employees engaged and performing during the periods of uncertainty before and after change decisions are made.

  • The DevelopMe Change Solutions Portals incorporate 30+ years of change management expertise and insights into a single online space that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere around the world. 
  • People Leaders and employees can access a range of downloadable job aids and online assessments to guide their learning. 
  • Built on our structured framework, the portal includes our proprietary Behavior-Based Change Model that shows how people respond to change as well as what to do, avoid, and ask to lead and navigate change successfully.

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