Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette (KBRS) focuses on Executive Searches which include Director, VP and C-level roles. Meridia Recruitment, a Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette company, focuses on career opportunities in mid-level professional, managerial, technical and administrative roles.

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Chief Operating Officer Nova Scotia 07/05/2017
University of Windsor President and Vice-Chancellor Ontario 06/27/2017
Lazaridis Chair in Global Business Strategy Ontario 06/15/2017
Chief Operating Officer:  St. John’s Newfoundland & Labrador 06/12/2017
Finance Director, Global Supply Chain Nova Scotia 06/11/2017
Director of Program Partnerships and Operations Nova Scotia 06/06/2017
President and Chief Executive Officer/Président ou présidente et chef de la direction New Brunswick 06/01/2017
Senior Campaign Associate New Brunswick 05/29/2017
Director, Commercial Development / Directeur ou directrice du développement commercial New Brunswick 05/29/2017
Director of Development New Brunswick 05/29/2017
Vice-President (Research) New Brunswick 05/24/2017
President and Vice-Chancellor New Brunswick 05/23/2017
Dean, Faculty of Business and Information Technology Ontario 05/14/2017
President and General Manager Newfoundland & Labrador 05/02/2017
Vice President, Business Growth New Brunswick 04/25/2017
Artistic Director Nova Scotia 04/19/2017
President and Vice-Chancellor Ontario 04/16/2017
Registrar/Chief Administrative Officer Nova Scotia 04/12/2017
University Registrar Newfoundland & Labrador 04/05/2017
President and CEO Nova Scotia 04/05/2017
Chief Executive Officer Newfoundland & Labrador 01/30/2017
Director of Internal Audit Newfoundland & Labrador 01/29/2017
Dean, School of Applied Technology Ontario 11/07/2016
Chief Operating Officer Nova Scotia 07/21/2016
General Manager Newfoundland & Labrador 12/17/2015