Laura Godsoe

With the completion of a rigorous assessment process, Laura Godsoe, Partner and Diversity and Inclusion Lead with KBRS, is among the first professionals to obtain the Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional (CCIP™) designation.

The CCIP™ certification process assesses the knowledge and experience of diversity and inclusion professionals against a competency framework developed by the Canadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Based on consultations with more than 200 diversity and inclusion professionals, the goal of the CCIP™ certification is to establish and raise national standards for the profession in Canada.

Laura Godsoe PhD, provides executive search counsel and advice on diversity, equity and inclusions issues to clients of KBRS, with a particular focus on academic and public sector organizations. She leads the firm’s rapidly growing Specialized Faculty and Research Chair Practice, partnering with academic institutions to fill highly specialized technical and research-oriented roles.

“Over the past 5 years, 45% of the candidates placed by our executive search practice have been from under-represented groups,” says Anna Stuart, Managing Partner, KBRS. “Our clients understand that attracting diverse candidates in the recruitment process and equitably assessing their candidacy is critical to advancing diversity and inclusion strategies. Laura has been instrumental in supporting search processes that support this need.”

Laura joined KBRS as the Manager of Research with the firm’s Academic Executive Search practice in 2015. Prior to joining KBRS, Laura held both research and teaching positions at post-secondary institutions across Ontario. She also served in acquisitions and editorial positions at an academic publishing firm, where she led editorial strategy and developed national networks and partnerships with scholars.

Laura volunteers with the Halifax Partnership as a Connector, helping local businesses and organizations connect with immigrants, international students, and recent graduates, and as a Practice Interviewer with the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia.

Laura received her Master’s and PhD from York University where she was the recipient of several prominent awards including a Social Science and Humanities Research Fellowship for her research into historical issues of equity, gender, and race. Her academic training in these areas continues to inform and inspire her belief in the value of a diverse and inclusive work space. Laura resides in Halifax with her husband and their daughters.