Delivered by experienced and educationally qualified educators/advisors, the Student and Parent Advisory Service is designed for grade 9, 10, 11, 12 and post-secondary students and their parents. This service provides advice, insight and coaching to support academic success and effective academic and career exploration. The modules have been designed for specific grades and terms but as all students are unique, these terms and grades are only suggested timing. Modules can be completed in any order, and can be purchased separately or in a series. 

MODULE A: Student Personality and Interest Inventory

Designed for: Grade 9 Term 2 to Grade 10 Term 2
Goal: Uncovering interests, passions and aptitudes culminating in a student profile that will provide guidance for future academic and career goals.

Early discussions about interests and possible paths are an important part of not only preparing for the future, but in setting priorities for one’s high school career as well.

This module includes:

  • Initial coaching session with student and parents to discuss some of the tools used to explore areas of strength and areas of personal passion. A range of post- secondary programs and career options are examined.
  • Review the student’s academic record (with the student’s and parents’ approval, this may involve interviews with a student’s teachers and counselors).
  • Customized psychometric assessment tools will be administered, results of these assessments will be incorporated into the student profile.
  • Development of a profile of the student covering personality, academic achievement and potential career interests.
  • One session with the student, and one with the student and parents to chart a path forward for the next two or three years. 

MODULE B: Post-secondary Planning for Students and Parents

Designed for: Grade 11 Term 1 
Goal: Develop a plan for course selection, studying, and supplementary tutoring/coaching to enable the student to achieve their academic goals related to successful university application.

This module will take a thoughtful approach to the decision-making process ensuring that the best post-secondary program and institution is selected.

This module includes:

  • Session with parents and student to talk about current academic situation and aspirations, discuss post-secondary programs and how to prepare for success.
  • Review the student’s academic record (with the student’s and parents’ approval, this may involve interviews with a student’s teachers and counselors).
  • Session with the student to discuss current challenges, strategies and aspirations.
  • Prepare scenarios that may be a good t for the student and strategies to make the most of the high school years to prepare for admission to the chosen program.
  • Present recommendations and narrow choices to a course of action, giving the student and parents a clear path forward. 

MODULE C: Post-Secondary Application and Scholarship Guidance

Designed for: Grade 11 Term 2 
Goal: Student-led/coach-supported application to up to four Canadian universities or colleges.

This includes scholarship applications.

The post-secondary application process can be a frustrating journey, leaving students and parents wondering if they have missed opportunities. The scholarship application process can be confounding and dozens of scholarships go unclaimed every year because students are unaware of them or don’t know how to effectively apply. In this module, we’ll take the mystery out of that process and give students and parents the tools to select the right institution and program, as well as, financial support to fund the future.

  • Session with student and parents to talk about current academic situation and aspirations. Also advice on short listing academic institutions and criteria for making the best choices.
  • Review the student’s academic record (with the student’s and parents’ approval, this may involve interviews with a student’s teachers and counselors).
  • Coach the student on the processes for thinking about post-secondary choice including what to ask recruiters when they visit your school, how to decide what is most important to you in a program and an institution, and how to reflect on what you want to get out of your post-secondary years.
  • ​Work with the student on strategies for filling out scholarship applications and talk about how to get the best letters of recommendations and influence the content of those recommendations to best suit the scholarship being sought.
  • Discuss the interview process, how to make the best impression on recruiters, provide coaching on how to write a résumé that highlights the student’s accomplishments. 

MODULE D: Parent and Student Coaching

Sometimes, students and parents need additional support as they navigate the myriad of questions associated with high school and post-secondary success. This is why we also offer parent and/or student coaching at any time throughout the years ahead.

Designed for: Grade 12 to Post-Secondary
Goal: Independent, objective advice on issues related to academic success. Includes university/college

  • For students, questions that need addressing may cover a very wide range of concerns: How can I improve my academic performance in a subject I find boring or frustrating? How do I know if I’m making the right choices about my future? What courses should I select next year to make sure that I’m ready for the program I want to pursue?
  • As parents, the high school years come with a host of concerns. You may need some help making sense of those challenges: How do I talk to my teen about their future aspirations? My son/daughter has no idea what university he/she wants to attend; where do we begin the discussion? How involved should I be in monitoring my child’s academic work? 

For more information, please contact:

Angela Mitton
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