Nova Scotia


KBRS is one of Canada’s largest and most influential executive search firms. We are in the people business – we help our clients attract and retain top talent, and we help our candidates find and excel in great jobs. We also believe sincerely in supporting the communities in which we live.

If your goals and values match ours, then we want to meet you.

We’re hiring now for a position on our Research team. A Researcher at KBRS:

  • Searches online to find potential candidates for our clients' positions;
  • Learns how to identify key criteria in candidate profiles and background and compare them against position profiles;
  • Manages and shares our internal data - things like how many positions we've filled, how successful our candidates have been in their new roles, etc. - which our business development team uses to generate more business; and
  • Posts positions online and in print to attract the attention of top talent in a variety of fields.

Our Researchers play a key role at KBRS - we succeed as a business when we find and attract great candidates. The Researcher position is also a great starting point for a career at KBRS. Previous KBRS Researchers have advanced in the company to recruiter, project manager/coordinator, and senior-level sales positions.

Are you interested? If so, apply now! For more information, contact Robert Fleming, Manager of Executive and Academic Search, at rfleming@kbrs.ca or 902-425-2148.

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