What is Employer Brand and Why Does it Matter?

Like it or not, every company has a brand. In the traditional marketing sense, a brand is what differentiates one good, product or service from another. A name, design and reputation all shape a brand’s image and the public’s understanding of the value proposition. Similarly, employer brand is the look, feel, and reputation of an employer and is what current and prospective employees use to evaluate whether or not your company is an attractive place to work. Often, employer brand goes hand-in-hand with consumer brand - but not always.

Employment Brand: Part 3

Viewpoint by Anna Stuart, Vice President

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Atlantic Canadians love talking about government. Certainly, the past year provided lots of fodder for debate. From the continued courage of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Premier,to the challenges of Nova Scotia’s first NDP government,to New Brunswick’s dramatic shift in direction on utility ownership and fiscal management, there has been much to discuss.

Navigating Economic Downturns - Protecting your Employment Brand for the Future

Viewpoint by Mark Surrette, President


For several years, we’ve been hearing about a looming war for talent. Baby boomers are starting to retire and fewer young workers are available to replace them, which means demand will soon outstrip supply in the labour market. Already we’re seeing the impacts of that significant demographic shift in certain industries, disciplines and geographies.