Are your leaders prepared to strategically lead change?

In a global market place fueled by lightning speed communications and labour mobility, the capability to effectively lead organizational change has become a competitive differentiator, and an essential leadership competency.

Strategic change requires engagement at all levels.

Given the complexity and urgency of change, managing its impact is a collective effort. Today’s leaders must be prepared to build the capacity to lead change in those around them. Our process elevates change management from something leaders ‘do’ to something leaders ‘become’. Effective change leadership is not a one-time initiative. Instead, we support a change in mindset and the development of the skills needed to engage employees and strategically lead change now and in the future.

Our organization wide approach.

Our approach helps organizations and leaders connect the people, process and content impacted by change under one framework. Together, we develop a plan for addressing change tailored to their needs.

We help organization’s build capacity for change by:

  • Providing leaders and people managers with the tools to lead change;
  • Helping employees enhance their personal resiliency and capacity to deal with change;
  • Equipping internal resources with the skills needed to support a consistent approach across the organization and ensure employee engagement; and
  • Acting as the liaison between multiple teams leading change initiatives to support the alignment and integration of projects.

Services to compliment your internal resources.

We provide a variety of services to support your change strategy.

  • Clarification and articulation of values and guiding principles.
  • Identification and training of change champions.
  • Development of an overt decision making process.
  • Oversight of the development of a communication strategy to inform and engage all stakeholders, and solicit timely and appropriate feedback.
  • Guidance in the creation of a strategy for multiple project integration.
  • Identification of measurements and targets to enable monitoring and course corrections.

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